Megastor version av Nintendo DS

Skulle du vilja ha en riktigt stor Nintendo DS? Denna kille ville verkligen det så han skapade en. Han har anslutit sin Nintendo DS med två pekskärmar och han har även lyckats få in pekskärmen att fungera.

“The closest match I could find to the DS LCD is Sharp LQ030B7DD01. You can find a datasheet Here. Aside from RGB, the only LCD signals I needed to use were DCLK1 and GSP1 (everything is conveniently labeled on the DS PCB). GSP1 is vsync, analogous to SPS in the datasheet. I find hsync by counting clocks (263 per line).

If you need the actual hsync signal from the DS, you’ll have to find it yourself; I don’t know which one it is.

The bottom screen data is latched on rising clock edges, top screen is read on the falling clock. I had to buffer a full frame in ram because screen timings didn’t quite match up (incidentally, this also made adding the screen capture ability very easy).”

VIA: Geeky Gadgets


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